Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Build Your Job Search Strategy

    1. What is the purpose of a resume?

    2. How has technology changed resumes?

    3. What's the difference between a resume, CV, infographic and a bio?

    4. Activity 1: Let's work on your resume

    5. Opening summary

    6. Addressing Gaps

    7. Changing Directions

    8. New Graduate Resume Tips

    9. Referees

    1. What is a cover letter?

    2. Activity 2: Cover letter resources

    3. Cover letter presentation

    1. Networking

    2. What is networking?

    3. Why is networking integral to career success?

    4. Who is in your network?

    5. Activity 3: How effective is your network?

    6. Activity 4: Connect and develop your network

    7. Networking tips

    1. Job search

    2. What are job boards/search engines?

    3. as a job searching tool

    4. as a job searching tool

    5. LinkedIn as a branding, networking and job searching tool

    6. LinkedIn Navigation - Essential Profile Information

    7. Activity 5: Build a powerful profile

    8. Activity 6: Set up your job alerts

    9. How to set up a Seek Profile presentation

    10. Deborah Saunders from OnTalent with her tips for anyone looking for a job.

    1. How do recruitment agencies and consultants work?

    2. How do you maximise your relationship with a recruiter?

    3. Recruiters Tips

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