Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Amplifi Your Career

    2. The rules have changed!

    1. Preparation of your job application

    2. Step 1 - Research the role and organisation

    3. Step 2 - Is the role the right fit?

    4. Step 3 - Are you ready to submit your application?

    5. Supporting Resources & Worksheets

    1. The role of an interview in the selection process

    2. Assessments in the Selection Process

    3. Interview process

    4. Interview Preparation - Tips for Video Interviews

    5. Interview Structure

    6. Interview questions

    7. Activity 1: Interview questions preparation

    8. Fiona Cochran from OnTalent explains how do you handle behavioural questions in an interview

    9. Bonus: Executive Interview Resources

    10. Part #1 - Natasha Olsson-Seeto OnTalents CE with her tips to share when going for an interview

    11. Part #2 - Natasha Olsson-Seeto OnTalents CE with her tips to share when going for an interview

    12. What do you need to do after the interview?

    1. You have the job offer time to review before you commit

    2. How and when should you discuss salary expectations?

    3. Activity 2: It's not all about the money!

    4. Activity 3: Do you know your market value?

    5. Are you ready to negotiate your salary?

    6. Fiona Cochran from OnTalent and her Salary Negotiation Tips

    7. Graceful exit

    1. Be prepared with the right mindset, skillset and toolset.

    2. Onboarding

    3. Activity: Your First 90 Days

    4. Starting a new job remotely? What do you need to do differently?

    5. How does onboarding differ at an executive level?

    6. Career Resilience

    1. Key Selection Criteria? Capability Statement? Pitch? What, why, where, how...

    2. Understanding the Terminology

    3. How long should your response be?

    4. How do you respond to a traditional selection criterion?

    5. How do you respond to short form applications?

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